The Best Destinations For Solo Travelling


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The Best Destinations For Solo Travelling

Are you friends being boring? Does no one you know want to explore a far-off land? Have you caught the travelling bug and need another hit? You might not want to admit it, but it seems like travelling solo is what you need. When we picture travelling we usually think of being abroad with those closest to us, to share the amazing moments and experiences. However, sometimes circumstances force us to do things on our own, and if your friends and family are busy then should you just stay at home? No! You’re going to plan the trip of your lifetime and choose everything down to the colour of bedsheets in the hotel. But where should you go? If you’re unsure of where to start then check out this list of the best destinations to visit on your own.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a place full of energy and fun people, somewhere you’ll have no problem finding an entire group of new amigos. Backpackers are in abundance here, so the only problem might be making too many friends! Before meeting all the party people at night, you can explore the temples and religious sites in total tranquillity, being able to think totally straight.

2. Dublin, Ireland

Not too far from home, Dublin has a number of great features which attracts solo travellers. It has an interesting history, one which many museums tell the story of, hours can be spent in the Guinness Storehouse discovering how the nations favourite drink is made. Explore the Dublin nightlife and enjoy a drink in many of the renowned pubs and clubs like McGowans just outside the city centre of Dublin.

3. New York, United States of America

What better place to travel alone than where stars are born from their individuality? A foreign city never seemed so familiar, as many of the main streets have appeared countless times in our favourite films and tv series. Wonder at the lights in Times Square, walk for hours through Central Park and visit famous sites such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

What better way to spend some alone time than in the Blue Lagoon, the natural spa that revitalises and refreshes each and every visitor. Moreover, Reykjavik is filled with natural wonders, including mountains, waterfalls and whale watching. The Icelandic people are super friendly and with great English too, so starting up a conversation shouldn’t be a problem.